Hey I am Declan a programmer who enjoys making random stuff and seeing where it ends up.



During my time a t KineticIT I was on the MetroTrains Melbourne account doing Level 1 Tech support for the employees.

A day by day at this job was answering calls troubleshooting issues, writing tickets, escalating issues. Working on tickets we had coming in when where was no calls.

During this time I learnt some powershell to generate emails for me since we got quite a bit of templated data that came in that we needed to get approvals for.

I was quick to pick up the Metro Systems and quickly became someone people would come and ask questions too. Since at the time of me starting they had loss 6 employees so most of the team was new and there was a lot to cover.

5 months in I was put on the rotating shift roster which handles Metro and Vline Level 1 Tech support which meant I had to learn on the job a new system with no help since I was the only one on for most of my shifts since they took place between 4pm - 11pm or 11pm to 8am.


Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Advanced Diploma of Processional Game Development

[2020] - [2021]

During this course I learnt C++ and C# since this happened during the Pandemic I had to learn to motivate myself to get work handing in on time which was something different since I was always use to being in a classroom where there was nothing really else to do.

Skills I learnt through out these years was the ability to research topics and and form understandings quickly and them implement my findings into code. Matching Cubes was an example of a research project

Develop for hardware that I was not familiar with in the form of the Oculus Go/ Oculus Quest 2

Working as a team to produce small projects like Mage Escape

GOTAFE Shepperton

Certificate IV in Cyber Security

[2019] - [2019]

GOTAFE Shepperton

Certificate III in Information Technology and Digital Media

[2019] - [2019]