Mage Escape is a local co-op game, about two apprentice wizards, who after their Master dies they decide to leave the wizard tower but they need to solve puzzles with the spell books laying around and throw them to each other

My role in during this project was the Audio implementation where I just used the build in audio system that is built into Unity, GUI and UI.

Frost Spells

Frost Wave: Freezes object is touches. When it touches the water it freezes over using marching cubes that I downscaled from an old project and optimized

Ice Beam: Checks what it hits and freezes it or reflects off mirrors

Special Thanks to Conor Calam, Harrison McNeil, Brandon Russell, Ashlea Horan, Kate Schulz, Leon Pappas, Callum McMorran, Erelyn Le Rossignol, Simon Stemberger